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Dimensions: 9ft in Height x 9ft in Diameter.
: “Permeable Facades & Internal Alterations consisting of alternating suspended panels of industrial and organic materials create a walk-in installation enabling the viewer to experience not only the contrast of the natural and industrial environments, but variations between the external facade and internal experience. The spaces between materials offer inviting glimpses into the opposing side. Walk into the interior of the installation and become intimately engulfed in a circular sea of translucent red, 150+ hand-formed porcelain bones and countless mirrors which cascade moments of intense visual movement and self-reflection. Sentences subtly wood-burned into suspended pieces of Saguaro cactus ribs can only be viewed from the interior. They are hand-carved written connections provided by friends and family recalling a moment that created change in their life. Internal changes come from within. Permeable facades enable internal changes to transcend.