In February, I attended 4 day advanced fabrication workshop called “PLAN B Collaborative” at Architectural Concrete Interiors. This event brought together 65 from around the world to Phoenix to bring their skill sets of and collaborate on 20 large-scale projects based in concrete, wood and metal. I had the good fortune of being able to bring one crazy big concrete art project into this mix. Images below are a quick glimpse of what 16hr days together looks like. It’s where I had the privilege to meet, hang out, and work with the most talented, funny, knowledgeable, crazy, kind, hardcore, driven and passionate group of fabricators I know. It’s hard to explain to outsiders, but it’s about the bonds created by these project challenges of going just beyond what might be possible. It takes an infusion of talent, hardcore work hours and stupid shenanigans to bring them across the finish line. It’s the true collaboration that creates the magic from which a hive mind mentality emerges. We tackled 20 large custom projects – I learned so much, was encouraged by everyone and walked away completely inspired by working with so many who give everything they have to what they do. Thank you to Damian Taylor & Florence Darling for capturing these awesome images. Thank you to Cody and his family for making this training a reality.